R-WMS.net for Publishers


Warehouse Management System for Publishers


The ROBOCOM WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, R-WMS.net, is a user friendly, powerful and flexible Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed to work using internet technologies.

R-WMS.net is loaded with rich and configurable functionality based on publishing industry best practices.  R-WMS.net has been built as an innovative Software Solution that can be deployed traditionally in an on premises approach or as a Software as a Service (SaaS). R-WMS.net is modular, allowing you to invest in what you currently need and expand later if necessary

Some specific features of the R-WMS.net Warehouse Management System are as follows:

  • Complete inventory control with RF capabilities
  • Standard integration capabilities for communicating with ERP, Automation Equipment, Manifest and Accounting Systems
  • Full EDI to and from the WMS is available
  • Customer access to inventory, reports and order status
  • Labor productivity measurements
  • Wave planning and release functions
  • Configurable picking options including piece, case and pallet
  • Warehouse visibility through application dashboards and user definable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Real-time alerts received within the application or by email
  • Complete and Integrated Billing Engine captures Storage and Operational Billing Tasks Real-Time
  • And much, much more...
Some of the Publisher Specific Functionality which sets R-WMS.net ahead of the competition is as follows:
  • Full traceability of the Print Run Number and Inventory Rotation based on it
  • Item Version tracking allows you to separately track the same ISBN with different characteristics (Stickered, Promotional, etc)
  • ISBN Searches that require only partial digit entry (Last Five) making lookups faster
  • Book Industry Study Group (BISG) compliant
  • Cover Images allow for better accuracy when packing the inventory
  • Returns processes that allow putaway strategies for single piece product returns
  • Standard Integration to Manifest systems such as Worldship, Clippership, and NexxShip
  • Customer Specific and Compliant Labelling, EDI data collection, and Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)
  • Client Configurable Label and Forms allow you to created infinite labels formats and assign them to your products and/or customers
  • Invoice in Box capability
  • Consignment Warehouse Inventory Tracking for your Consignment Customers
  • And much, much more…
Core Functionality 

The R-WMS.net solution includes functionality for Receiving, Putaway, Inventory Tracking, Cycle Counting, Picking, Packing, Shipping and Productivity Tracking. R-WMS.net creates a detailed history entry every time inventory is moved in the warehouse. Email Alerts, Internal Messaging, and Dynamic Real-Time Key Performance Indicator tracking are all standard. R-WMS.net is user configurable so that as your business changes, you can change your processes without any software development. Even the field names on the screens can be changed to match your company nomenclature.

R-WMS.net is a highly scalable system that can support small to very large multi-site warehouses.  It can be implemented with or without Radio Frequency and can even be rolled out in phases.   

Please contact us for more information about how R-WMS.net can help your organization today!

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